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About Us

T.H.E. U.A.I., LLC is an acronym which stands for Teaching Humanity Excellence Urban Agriculture Initiative and we are a For-Profit Limited Liability Company, created on August 15th, 2016. We focus on youth leadership development, consulting, real-estate development & farming. We help people build and/or maintain their own gardens and farms as well as educate and demonstrate a holistic lifestyle to all of humanity. The aim is to invigorate students, young adults and engaged community leaders to the idealism of a sustainable and self-sufficient community. Also, giving people in our communities access to healthy, local foods as well as educational opportunities involving 1 on 1 or group consulting lessons, farm and leadership exercises, community workshops and local community field trips. T.H.E. U.A.I. passionately strives to create more pride and ownership within the people of the community.


T.H.E. U.A.I. empowers local and regional residents to make educated food choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities. Students participating in our educational activities related to holism, agriculture, soil science, health & nutrition will become invigorated leaders within their communities. These leaders will empower families within their communities to achieve healthier eating practices and healthier lifestyles in order to sustain changes within their self, home & environment. 


Teaching Humanity Excellence is the root of our organization. T.H.E. U.A.I. understands that knowledge is certainly power, however, there is more to educating the whole person than simply education. The improvement of lives, families, communities, resources, networks, even global aggregation, are all aspects that need to be considered when educating the whole person. We follow through by growing all of our produce following superb standards for the benefit of our fellow citizens' health.


"From Our Lands 2 Your Hearts... #SOiL2SoUL."

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